Миний бодлоор жинхэнэ хип хоп урлагыг авч явдаг хүмүүс бол DJ нар мөнөөс мөн бөлгөө.

TulgaT (TrueWordS)-Patient

I’m TulgaT, if you never ever heard of me/
Or any of my stories including my surgeries/
The first plot of cancer trying to murder me/
I’ll let you know how it happened in a verse of three/
It all started in the fall of two-thousand and four/
Took my first step in Seattle and I was down with it all/
Got myself in a high school called Federal Way/
When I met new people, nothing was better to say/
Than, I’m from LA, Santa Monica/
After a few weeks, I was getting popular/
Walking through the halls of the school with no envy or doubts/
All the dudes calling my cool and the girls checking me out/
These moments, man it kept me going/
Left me knowing, there’s no empty roaming/
But, there was this one night, I was going to bed late/
Just finished reading a book, and I start to feel a headache/

Chorus 2X:

Why did this have to happen to me? I’m a patient
Everyday I’m happy to be! I’m a patient
Holding my pencil, my pad and my sheets
I’m a patient x3

Verse 2:
I tried going to bed but failed miserably/
Lying there with the pain in my head, wishing to sleep/
Next morning, went to class with wisdom to seek/
Between the good and the bads for my vision to see/
Around that time, we lived by the mall/
So I swung by to get tylenol/
It was cold and windy cuz of the raining season/
Took two pills and my pain was easing/
Then later, it commenced aching frequently/
Like somebody pounding my brain repeatedly/
After a month, lost the left-peripherals in my both eyes/
Began bumping into things when I just didn’t know why/
And I was tired of what was hurting me/
Told my brother to take me to the emergency/
Went and got a cat-scan, trying to cope the answer/
When the result said I was diagnosed with cancer/

Chorus 2X:

I was fifteen when this tragedy happened/
Treacherous news had my family saddened/
Everybody being calm, but really just acting/
Wanting me to be strong, in my fear of my passing/
Mom and Dad said, “You got to make it”/
From three days before my operation/
When the day came, I was nervous, energy grasping/
Put on narcosis with my memories flashing/
For three hours, I was fighting for my life/
Kept battling ’till I gained a sight into the light/
Then I woke up dazed noticed a person there/
As my vision cleared up, I was in urgent care/
Then, suddenly I see people hover and linger/
It was my parents, my loving brother and sister/
I thank all of the surgeons and all of the nurses/
I learned something from cancer, I’m calling it purpose/

Chorus 2X:


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